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FIAT 500 After Airbox High Flow Intake Pipe - Fits 500 ABARTH / Turbo

FIAT 500 After Airbox High Flow Intake Pipe - Fits 500 ABARTH / Turbo
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Do you want increased power?

Do you want faster spool up of your turbo?

If the answer is Yes, then you may want to get one of these After Airbox Intake Pipes!

The factory plastic duct that goes in between the airbox on top of the motor to the turbo is one of the pieces that is made for the mass market. This part is made for the few that want to squeze out every little bit of power out of their 500. Replacing the plastic factory piece with this upgraded piece is something that is simple and quick to do.

The stock inlet and outlets are circular, but the center section is square. So, the air flowing towards the turbo goes from circular to square and back to square. In addition, there are many casting ridges in the tube that impede and slow down air flow. (Please see stock air tube cut in half to show casting ridges below). 

What this does, is cause unnecessary air flow restriction. This makes it so the turbo spools up slower, and lessens power.

So, a new, custom aluminum pipe was designed. The new pipe features a duct with smooth bends. The design also allows for the transition to the turbo rubber elbow to be smooth. This allows air to flow easier into the turbo, making for a faster spool up.

To further illustrate the turbulence caused by the casting ridges in the intake pipe, please see the two photos below in which water was used to show the flow characteristics of the stock pipe vs the new improved piece by MPx. In the stock piping, you'll see that the water hits the casting ridge, slows down and jets upwards. Then, by the time the water exits it slows down and nosedives down. 

The MPx piping on the other hand, has a very nice smooth flow and transition. You see very little upset of the flow of the water, and the velocity of water as it exits is nice. You can see a difference in the speed of water exiting! (Please note, the two pieces were placed in the same position by the manufacturer during testing to show the difference between the two parts). See photo below of MPx piping cut in half to illustrate flow. 


Installation is simple, undo the two factory clamps that hold the factory airbox piping to the rubber hoses, disconnect the two breather hoses and then replace with the MPx piping. Then, tighten the clamps and you are good to go!

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FIAT 500 After Airbox High Flow Intake Pipe - Fits 500 ABARTH / Turbo
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FIAT 500 After Airbox High Flow Intake Pipe - Fits 500 ABARTH / Turbo
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