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Alfa Romeo Giulia 2.0L - Engine Control Module - MAXPower by MADNESS - Bluetooth Control

Alfa Romeo Giulia 2.0L - Engine Control Module - MAXPower by MADNESS - Bluetooth Control
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Price: $656.99
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Model: Alfa Romeo Giulia 2.0L
Manufacturer: MADNESS Autoworks
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Significantly and safely increase the power of your Alfa Romeo Giulia with the MAXPower Engine Control Module by MADNESS!

This listing is for the MAXPower ECM with Bluetooth Control. Please check our other listing for the standard Non Bluetooth version.

Designed with the assistance of our International Tuning Partners with additional assistance from a Ferrari Engineer to outperform all other modules on the market or your Money Back (except our new MAXPower Pro)!

Many months of testing and development in Europe (on customer cars) and US on our own Giulia and Stelvio Test Vehicles. Countless hours and thousands of miles have been invested in to this product prior to its release to the public. This module has been available since 2017 and continues to be one of the most popular upgrades available for the 2.0L Guilia. Since the introductions countless of satisfied drivers from all over the world have and continue to use the MAXPower with great feedback and results.

This module also allows you, the user to easily vary the performance of your vehicle as you drive through a dedicated, easy to use phone app. Simply increase or decrease the amount of power in your vehicle at a touch of a button.

The module is designed to safely increase the performance of your Alfa Romeo Giulia without sacrificing reliability of the vehicle. We do not chase top horsepower numbers that look good on a dyno, but rarely provide smooth and useable power delivery in the normal range that you would use a car. While the gains we provide with this product are fantastic, they are also safe and easy duplicated if you were to decide to do your own tests. 


We guarantee that our MAXPower ECM will outperform all other ECMs on the market in power delivery, features and reliability or your money back (except MAXPower Pro)! Order it, install it and use it for up to 30 days. If you are not 100% satisfied return it for a refund.

What does it do?

In modern engines there are significant power reserves to compensate for different air pressures, various individual driving styles and differences in fuel in global markets. The MAXPower Engine Control Module improves the thermodynamic efficiency of the engine and helps your vehicle use the hidden power reserves efficiently. 

Proven Performance

The MAXPower Engine Control Module optimizes various sensor data to significantly increase the performance of your Giulia. The Module is also able to increase fuel economy by up to 10%. (depending which setting you use). Our multi-channel processor uses the data from up to eight sensors processed in real time, recalculates the data and sends it to the vehicle's engine control unit. 

The MAXPower Engine Control Module uses vehicle-specific characteristics to recalculate the data, allowing for several engine parameters to be simultaneously modified. This module is configured with specially designed maps that are precisely matched to the Alfa Romeo Giulia.

MAXPower Engine Control Module does not interfere with the original manufacturer ECU maps and keeps the factory-set manufacturers parameters intact. This allows the vehicle to be reverted back to stock factory conditions when the module is removed.

Superior Construction

The MAXPower Engine Control Module is constructed from high quality molded ABS plastic. The modules are specially sealed ensuring every unit is waterproof and airtight and will withstand the high temperatures from the engine compartment. These modules are also fireproof and do a superior job in protecting the motherboard from moisture and heat.

We use vehicle specific wiring harness and original manufacturer plugs to allow for simple and painless installation. No need to worry about the connectors failing overtime. Our wiring harness connects securely between the MAXPower Module and the vehicle's ECU. 
Built-in Protection

MAXPower Modules have built in specific parameters to keep your Alfa Romeo Giulia protected. We have incorporated a 'Cold Start Timer' to allow the engine to reach full operating temperature before the MAXPower Module begins to work. You can personally program the Cold Start Timer to a time that you feel is right for you based on your climate and driving style. 

The timer is another safety feature that is built in to our MAXPower ECMs. This allows all of the fluids and lubrication (coolant, oil, etc.) in the engine to be at their optimum operating point before the module will begin tuning, prolonging the life and reliability of your engine. The module also keeps all of the vehicle's built in protection in place.

Our maps also feature a timer function for engine protection under full load, after 20 seconds under full load, power is regulated back to the factory output. After each load change, the timer is reset and the tuning is fully available again. This is nothing you will feel since the the module quickly resets. This is however another safety feature that is designed to keep your Giulia operating safely. Running a turbo with significantly increased boost can and will shorten its lifespan. That is why we incorporate this engine protection feature in our new MAXPower Modules.
Ultimate Connectivity

For those seeking the next level in Performance Tuning we have you covered! The MAXPower Engine Control Module features incorporated Bluetooth Technology which allows you to pair your phone or tablet directly to the MAXPower Module. This will then allow you to have live control of the tuning maps which you can switch between from your phone or tablet. You can also view several parameters being read from the engine to show that the tuning module is functioning correctly.

Begin by downloading our MADNESS App available on Android from the Google Play Store or iOS from the Apple App Store.


Enter the Module's serial number into the app, turn on your phone's Bluetooth and hit connect. The Module will then automatically connect to the app. Our app will allow you to view vehicle settings, set a timer delay for the MAXPower Module, and change the tuning mode of the Module all at the touch of a button.

The Cold Start Timer allows the user to set in a pre-determined delay when the engine is first started delaying the tuning module from giving increased performance until the engine has reached a safe running temperature.

There are 4 preset Power Modes to choose from:

On / Off - Enable or disable the MAXPower ECM. With just one click, your vehicle is in factory mode.

ECO Mode - Slightly higher torque in the lower speed range allowing your vehicle to achieve improved fuel economy.

Sport Mode - The power of your vehicle is further raised giving a noticeable increase in overall performance.

Sport Plus Mode - Power is increased to the maximum safe limit giving a big power and torque increase for use on track days or special events where the highest output from the engine is required.

Minimum Requirements for the MAXPower ECM Bluetooth App:

Compatible Devices: 

  • iPhone 4s or newer 
  • Android devices*


  • iOS 7.0 or later
  • Android 4.3 (Jellybean) or later


  • Bluetooth 4.0 or later 

* Please be aware that because of the significant number of different models, variants, and manufacturing standards of available devices, MADNESS cannot ensure compatibility with all Android devices. HTC and Sony devices running Android 5.0 (Lollipop) may not be compatible. Some devices with Android 6.0 (Marshmallow) without an update to Android 6.0.1 (Security Patch 01.10.2016) do not allow for a connection with the module at the moment. 

If for some reason your phone is not able to sync with the Bluetooth application we will gladly exchange your module for a non-bluetooth version and refund you the difference. 



Frequently asked questions regarding the MAXPower MADNESS Engine Control Module:

Q. How does it work?
A. There are two main methods of tuning modern engines, one is by chip tuning or re-mapping, this involves using a special interface to read out the program from the cars computer or ECU and then writing in a new program to increase performance.

The second method is to use an external plug in Tuning Box or as some people refer to them 'Piggyback ECM', these units connect into the existing wiring of the vehicle generally using original manufacturers connectors, a control unit (Tuning Box) is then attached which can over-ride the signals coming from the engines sensors to the cars ECU and alter them to allow the injectors or common rail to inject more fuel at certain times and increase turbo pressure to keep the air/fuel ratio correct.

These units are generally connected to either the fuel injectors or to the pressure sensor on the injection systems common rail (the common rail is a thin cylinder close to the injectors which holds the fuel at high pressure before feeding it to the injectors) and also to the pressure sensor of the turbo charger allowing us to increase turbo pressure to match the increased fuel.

The new MAXPower ECM is the next generation of ECM Modules that features a camshaft sensor, new tuning software that provides you with the safest and highest gains possible and a user control via Bluetooth.

Q. What's the difference between analog and digital tuning units?
A. Quite simply the analog unit has no electronics inside and no processor, its generally made of resistors inside a plastic box with a screw to increase or decrease fueling, these are very cheap to make and are usually found on auction sites, the risk with these units is that they have no set program to deliver the increased fuel at specific points, instead they just increase fueling continuously even at idle which can cause the engine to run erratically and over time will likely cause damage and usually create a lot of smoke from the exhaust.

The analog units generally will not work on quite a large number of modern cars due to the latest intelligent computers running the engine which can detect them and will cause the engine warning lamp to come on and the engine to go into safe mode (greatly reduced power and limited revs).

A digital tuning unit has a microprocessor controlled computer board inside which is programmed with specific parameters for each individual vehicle to obtain the maximum performance without reaching the safety cut off limits set by the manufacturer, each unit is set up on a dynamometer so the results can be accurately measured , the digital unit will also not function until the accelerator pedal is pressed beyond a certain point at which you are demanding extra power , this means that no extra fuel is being added at idle and the extra fuel being injected is reduced again when the engine approaches maximum revs to avoid damage , put simply the digital unit is carefully designed using the latest technology to achieve the maximum performance safely from each individual make and model of vehicle, also the parameters in the digital tuning kit are hard programmed into the control chip so they can never alter over time or temperature.

Q. What can you expect once you install this unit? 
 You will see an increase in horsepower and torque. The vehicle will be noticeably stronger pulling away and over-taking. Keep in mind that all performance figures quoted are given as an approximate guideline. They will vary from car to car, figures can also be influenced by outside factors such as temperature, air quality, quality of fuel and accuracy of the dyno th

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Alfa Romeo Giulia 2.0L - Engine Control Module - MAXPower by MADNESS - Bluetooth Control
Click to enlarge
Alfa Romeo Giulia 2.0L - Engine Control Module - MAXPower by MADNESS - Bluetooth Control
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Alfa Romeo Giulia 2.0L - Engine Control Module - MAXPower by MADNESS - Bluetooth Control
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Alfa Romeo Giulia 2.0L - Engine Control Module - MAXPower by MADNESS - Bluetooth Control
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Alfa Romeo Giulia 2.0L - Engine Control Module - MAXPower by MADNESS - Bluetooth Control
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Alfa Romeo Giulia 2.0L - Engine Control Module - MAXPower by MADNESS - Bluetooth Control
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Alfa Romeo Giulia 2.0L - Engine Control Module - MAXPower by MADNESS - Bluetooth Control
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Alfa Romeo Giulia 2.0L - Engine Control Module - MAXPower by MADNESS - Bluetooth Control
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