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Alfa Romeo Giulia 2.0L - Engine Control Module - MAXPower PRO by MADNESS

Alfa Romeo Giulia 2.0L - Engine Control Module - MAXPower PRO by MADNESS
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Price: $656.99
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Model: Alfa Romeo Giulia 2.0L
Manufacturer: MADNESS Autoworks
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HP and TQ Performance Gains of up to 20%
Simple and Direct Installation
Completely Reversible
Does NOT Trigger the Flash Counter on your vehicle
Best Value in a tuning upgrade for your Alfa Romeo Giulia
The Safest Tuning Option on the market
3 Year Warranty / 30 Day Money-Back Guarantee

After years in development, thousands of trouble free test miles on our own Alfa Romeo Giulia and Stelvio test vehicles along with a number of Independent Alfa Romeo Owners/ Beta Testers in North America, MADNESS Autoworks is excited to release the newest generation of Plug and Play Performance Modules for the Alfa Romeo Giulia. The new MAXPower Pro Engine Control Module is here!

Designed and developed with the assistance of our International Tuning Partners, the MAXPower Pro is a 100% new product – completely new, next-generation hardware and exclusive, all-new proprietary mapping. The new MAXPower Pro is designed to outperform all other Plug and Play Modules on the market! No other Plug and Play Module on the market delivers what the MAXPower Pro offers.

We took user feedback into consideration and made this latest release even easier to install, with a much smaller footprint in the engine bay. No challenging connection to the Camshaft Position Sensor! No need to disconnect the battery, recalibrate the steering, or otherwise reset monitors – meaning far less risk of procedural error or Check Engine Lights! Installation should take under an hour and requires no special tools.

This means: The MAXPower Pro offers bigger power and torque increases and more consistent delivery than ever before from a Plug-and-Play Module – all while retaining or improving upon all of the safety and accessibility features that made the original MAXPower ECM a winning option for users around the world.

Safety Features:

As vehicles become increasingly reliant upon onboard computers, manufacturer updates to vehicle software and issues pertaining to onboard electronics are becoming more frequent. Our biggest concern with our performance products is a concern shared by the majority of our users: “Will this affect my vehicle’s warranty?”

Our Plug-and-Play module is the most warranty-safe option available on the market. Unlike a direct flash tuning option, our modules do not leave a permanent trace and/ or record of the upgrade within the factory ECU. In addition, our MAXPower Pro Module can be quickly removed which allows you the owner the option of quickly reverting the vehicle to stock settings. Need to take the vehicle in to the dealer for a software update and are worried if the dealer will void your factory warranty? In just a few minutes you can remove the MAXPower Pro by unplugging the module and replacing it with the included bypass plug. Want to go a step further?  You can completely reverse the vehicle to 100% factory spec by simply uninstalling the unit in 30-45 minutes. 

Keep in mind that there is no such thing as a 100% safe modification to any vehicle. However, the ability to reverse the modification without a trace makes the MAXPower Pro one of the safest options for increasing power output by a substantial degree. The module is designed to deliver performance gains without erasing many of the safety settings in the factory ECU that are often modified by a direct flash.

Independently, the MAXPower Pro makes a dramatic change in engine output and pulling power – when combined with ouGOPedal and Autoflash modules (which are also 100% reversible/ removable), the Alfa Romeo Giulia can be completely transformed into a something that truly punches above its weight class, and quickly reversed to factory spec for any service, inspection, or testing. 

Additional Features and Improvements:

  • Exclusive 64-Bit Processor  – most units on the market use an 8-Bit or 16-Bit Processors
  • 27,000 Adjustment Points in every map – most units incorporate only 20-30 points for tuning
  • Fuel Pressure Control – for higher power output and enhanced fuel economy
  • Cold Start Timer – allows engine to come to operating temperature for added protection
  • Onboard Failsafe – internal electronics shut down if any errors are detected
  • Remotely Upgradeable – no need to ship to us for future remaps/ upgrades
  • Expansion Opportunity – additional features can be added later without replacing hardware

The new MAXPower Pro is more than just an improvement over previous generation hardware, the MAXPower Pro now sets a standard for tuning products to come!

Not sure if this upgrade is right for you? How does it compare?

No problem! We guarantee that our MAXPower Pro ECM will outperform all other ECMs on the market in power delivery, drivability, features and reliability or your money back!
Order it, install it and use it for up to 30 days. If you are not 100% satisfied return it for a refund. It is that simple!

Frequently asked questions regarding the MAXPower Pro Engine Control Modules:
Q. Why should I buy the MADNESS MAXPower Pro Engine Control Module over others that are on the market?
A. The MAXPower Pro ECM is designed to give you significant power gains with tested and proven results, safely and affordably, with user-friendly installation and reversal. We do not chase high horsepower gains on a dyno to sell our modules. We do not inflate performance gains or use fancy charts/ graphs that show unrealistic power gains. Rarely will you drive your vehicle at speeds and conditions in which you will be able to replicate top horsepower numbers. We focus on power that is useable and can be felt on daily basis as you drive your vehicle, and will also perform exceptionally when you demand it.

Where many performance products are tested a few times on a dyno, on a single vehicle, on one fuel grade, in one part of the world, our MAXPower Pro has seen thousands and thousands of miles of testing, around the world, in every conceivable weather condition, fuel grade, and level of vehicular abuse. In short - we know it will work for your vehicle, no matter where you are in the world, and no matter what your driving habits are. Whether you intend to spice up your daily driver or regularly subject your vehicle to the rigors of track days - whether you are in Alaska or Australia, or anywhere else in the world - the MaxPower PRO will work for you.

Our objective is to offer affordable solutions to drivers and enthusiasts who want to simply and safely make their vehicle more - more fun, more powerful, more active, more responsive - more yours. We have a knowledgeable and accessible staff who can assist you via phone, email, or in-person, with any product questions, installation, or post-install support. We are completely certain in the knowledge of how our MAXPower Pro (and our other plug and play modules) perform, that we offer an industry-unmatched 30 day money back policy, and a 3-year warranty on the physical hardware. 

Order it, install it, and use it for up to 30 days. If our product does not meet your expectation - if you are not 100% satisfied, send it back to us for a refund! It really is that simple.

The MAXPower Pro offers:

  • Compatibility with every generation of factory ECU hardware and all factory software updates
  • User-friendly installation with DIY instructions – no specialty tools needed 
  • ECM Mount and Velcro Included for easy and secure mounting - select color at checkout
  • Quick conversion to stock in minutes with the included bypass plug
  • Completely reversible hardware for dealership and factory vehicle warranties – no permanent trace left in factory computers
  • Industry-leading trial period and product warranty
  • Tested and proven performance increases
  • Safe operation and reliable power delivery

The bottom line is this: 

We offer the best designed, proven product that delivers significant power gains in HP and Torque while keeping your vehicle at safe levels.

Q. What can I expect once I install the MAXPower Pro on my Giulia
A. You will see an increase in horsepower and torque of up to 20%. The vehicle will be noticeably stronger pulling away and over-taking. Keep in mind that all performance figures quoted are given as an approximate guideline. They will vary from car to car, as performance figures can also be influenced by many outside factors. Temperature, air quality, quality of fuel, and maintenance of the vehicle all affect power output. Accuracy of the dyno the vehicle is being tested on, type of dyno, and method of recording data, all affect final readings. 

We have included detailed dyno graphs from tests that have been performed by independent dyno tuning facilities. The charts clearly show rated power at the wheels (wheel power is lower than engine power that the factory shows) with identical upgrades (with and without the new MAXPower Pro ECM). Drivetrain loss is estimated between 15-20% depending on the equipment type and facilities used for testing. To make comparisons fair, we used the same vehicles, at the same dyno, during the same weather conditions and at the same engine temps - as all these factors can make a big difference in results.

For any questions or for detailed information about our testing process and the vehicles used, please reach out to us directly!

Q. Could this unit damage my engine?
A. These units are specifically designed to run within the manufacturers’ safety limits and tolerances. The extra performance is easily within the capability of the engine and gearbox. Unlike a direct flash we do not overwrite, modify, or erase factory safety settings, and we have designed the software of the module to operate within the safety perimeters of the factory ECU. The service intervals of the vehicle will not change - however, it is important that they be done on time and using original manufacturer-spec parts. It is also very important to regularly check the engine oil level and top up if necessary with the correct oil as most modern engines are designed to use some oil to increase the lifespan of the engine.

We at MADNESS recommend adhering to a preventative maintenance schedule for consumable service items (such as oil, spark plugs, engine air filters) for optimal performance of any modified vehicle. Should you instead choose to follow the manufacturer-recommended service intervals, you may do so without worry. Please keep in mind that how you drive your vehicle is often more important then what upgrades you have. Even unmodified motors can be damaged if the vehicle is not properly cared for or abused.

Q. Can I install the MaxPower Pro ECM myself?
A. Generally, yes! This product can be fitted by most users at home or a trained technician in about 1 hour. While professional installation is always a good idea, we have made a user-friendly install a priority in the development of this product, and encourage users to take a look at our installation instructions first before having a 3rd party install the product. We offer a detailed installation instructions for this product and take you step by step to make the installation simple. We can also give you assistance over the phone if needed.

Installation services are available at our facilities and we welcome drivers from all over the US on a daily basis.  

Q. Is it legal to increase the performance of my engine?
A. As with most performance enhancing products, regulations vary from state to state. We offer this unit as "For Off Road and Track Use Only" and encourage you to check with your local state laws to see if this unit is legal for on road use in your country/state. The MAXPower Modules have been tested for performance gains and emissions output by the SEMA Emissions Compliance Center for CARB Compliance. The test concluded that the modules work correctly and fall within the legal requirements for CARB Certification. Certification with CARB is currently in progress. The process is very detailed and very lengthy. Until full certification is granted by CARB this module is being sold for "Off Road/ Race Use Only".

Q. How does the MAXPower Pro work?
A. There are two main methods of tuning modern engines; one is by chip tuning / ECU re-mapping: this involves using a special interface to read out the program from the car's computer or ECU and then writing in a new program to increase performance.

The second method is to use an external plug in Tuning Box - or some people refer to them as, a 'Piggyback ECM'. These units connect into the existing wiring of the vehicle generally using original manufacturers' connectors. A control unit (Tuning Box) is then attached, which can override the signals coming from the engine's sensors to the car's ECU and alter them to allow the injectors or common rail to inject more fuel at certain times and increase turbo pressure to keep the

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Alfa Romeo Giulia 2.0L - Engine Control Module - MAXPower PRO by MADNESS
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Alfa Romeo Giulia 2.0L - Engine Control Module - MAXPower PRO by MADNESS
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Alfa Romeo Giulia 2.0L - Engine Control Module - MAXPower PRO by MADNESS
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Alfa Romeo Giulia 2.0L - Engine Control Module - MAXPower PRO by MADNESS
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Alfa Romeo Giulia 2.0L - Engine Control Module - MAXPower PRO by MADNESS
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Alfa Romeo Giulia 2.0L - Engine Control Module - MAXPower PRO by MADNESS
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Alfa Romeo Giulia 2.0L - Engine Control Module - MAXPower PRO by MADNESS
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Alfa Romeo Giulia 2.0L - Engine Control Module - MAXPower PRO by MADNESS
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Alfa Romeo Giulia 2.0L - Engine Control Module - MAXPower PRO by MADNESS
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