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FIAT 500X 1.4L (ECU) Engine Control Module by MADNESS

FIAT 500X 1.4L (ECU) Engine Control Module by MADNESS
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Add some MADNESS to your FIAT 500X 1.4L Turbo!

Increase the power of your new FIAT 500X 1.4L Turbo by up to 20% in less then 1 hour!

Developed specifically for the new FIAT 500X 1.4L Turbo!

Now in stock and available for your FIAT 500X 1.4L Turbo. The new MADNESS FIAT 500X Power ECU Module is here! An easy, plug and play external module designed specifically for the FIAT 500X that will significantly increase the horsepower and torque.

The installation is simple and results are fantastic! If you want a plug and play way to add power to your FIAT 500X look no further! This module comes with everything needed to do the upgrade in approximately 1 hour.

Your FIAT 500X puts out 160 Horsepower with 170 lb-ft of torque. While it is a good amount there is still much more then can be achieved with this new powerplant in a safe way. The new ECU Module is designed to be easy to install and uninstall and will provide your new smart with a noticeable power increase.

How much power can be gained from this upgrade?

Horsepower has been raised by approximately 15% from 160hp to 186hp!
Torque has been increased by approximately 20% from 170lbs to 206lbs!

While you can extract a little more power from the FIAT 500X using this module we offer this module with what we feel is a "Safe and Moderate" tune. The goal is not to gain a slightly higher dyno number at the expense of engine wear and possible damage. Our goal is to deliver you a reliable power upgrade that does not overstress the factory components for a long and trouble free engine life.


  • Easy plug and play installation
  • Fully Reversible
  • ByPass Plug Included
  • No permanent modifications done to the vehicle
  • Significant increase in horsepower and torque
  • Hardware manufactured in Germany for MADNESS
  • Tuning software jointly developed, fine tuned and tested in North America by MADNESS
  • Approximate increase of 15% in horsepower
  • Approximate increase of 20% in torque
  • Self Learning Auto Calibration
  • 1 year manufacturer warranty against any defects
  • Can be combined with the MADNESS GOPedal

Installation of this module is very simple and requires basic technical skills and basic tools. Converting the smart back to the original configuration is very easy since it is simply removing the plug in module you previously installed. At anytime you can also use the ByPass Plug provided which allows you to remove the ECU Module within seconds.

This new generation of ECU Modules features a Multi Map Technology that ensures maximum performance with minimum load. The new Multi Map ECU Tuning Module comes with variable mapping that allows you to custom tune the module depending on your desired driving needs. You can simply leave it where it is when it is delivered to you out of the box or modify the parameters as you wish. The microprocessors that are being used are significantly different then any other plug in unit. are of particular importance. The unit is designed to output calculation cycles that correspond exactly to those of the main ECU. The end result is smooth, reliable power gains with an option for customizing the power delivery to your specific liking/ needs (settings available are within the safe operating zone of the engine to prevent you from doing damage). This type of a design allows for real time scanning to make sure that the main ECU protection functions are not affected.

Self Learning Auto Calibration

This module also features a built in ability to learn the unique driving characteristic of the FIAT 500X. During a short run-in period, the memory function gathers the individual data on the different injection cycles. The information obtained serves as a basis for optimization. This way, standard tolerances are compensated for and the best results obtained for FIAT 500X without any complicated manual settings.

Another advantage of this Multi Map Technology ECU Module is the fact that it adheres to the legal emissions standards for the vehicle. Due to the optimized combustion across all performance ranges the fuel is used 100% efficiently - smoke and soot are history. This module is also TÜV Certified for our European Drivers.

Want to get even more out of your new FIAT 500X? Combine this module with our MADNESS GOPedal and increase your acceleration and response at the same time while minimizing turbo lag. Check out our other listing for the MADNESS GOPedal/ ECU Power Pack and save on the set.

We offer installation on premises and can also assist you in installation questions or concerns over the phone if needed.

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FIAT 500X 1.4L (ECU) Engine Control Module by MADNESS
Click to enlarge
FIAT 500X 1.4L (ECU) Engine Control Module by MADNESS
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FIAT 500X 1.4L (ECU) Engine Control Module by MADNESS
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FIAT 500X 1.4L (ECU) Engine Control Module by MADNESS
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FIAT 500X 1.4L (ECU) Engine Control Module by MADNESS
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